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I teach dynamic
Vinyasa yoga.
Open for all levels.

My classes are inspired by great nature with the intention of creating an opportunity to attune the personal cycle to the larger cycle of mother nature.​


Wednesdays 18.30 - 19.30 

Yoga & more - A studio in the Länggasse Bern

The classes are taught in English.

Contact me / sign up through: 

I am a dedicated yoga practitioner,

a trained psychologist, and a certified yoga teacher.

  • Foundation Training 200h (RYS)

        Vinyasa Yoga - True North Vinyasa

  • Continuous Education 200h (YACEP)

       Hands-on adjustments / Sequencing 

  • Katonah Yoga 140h

        Foundations / Restorative / Privates

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